We are a patchwork and quilting supplies shop based in Blackhall Mill (about 8 miles outside Newcastle Upon Tyne). Originally established in August 2005 we provide a wide range of quilting and patchwork related goods and services.

Friday, 19 February 2016

The Fat Quarters Blog has come out of Retirement

Well I was dragged into the 21st Century by creating a Facebook page and keeping it up to date but this was to the detriment of the Blog and for that I am quite sad.

I have now decided that I can multi task and will keep the Blog up to date.

If you don't know already we have Classes & Workshops daily, thousands of bolts of Fabrics in store, all the sewing notions you will need, Books, Patterns and lots of inspiration.

The team at The Fat Quarters need to hear what you want so please let us know.