We are a patchwork and quilting supplies shop based in Blackhall Mill (about 8 miles outside Newcastle Upon Tyne). Originally established in August 2005 we provide a wide range of quilting and patchwork related goods and services.

Friday, 20 January 2017

January Classes

Get to know your sewing machine

Thursday 28th & Friday 29th January
10:15am- 12:30pm

Get to know what your machine is capable of with different stitches and techniques.


Saturday 28th January

If your fancying a new hobby why not give Dressmaking a go?
Our Dressmaking teacher Theresa Corrigan will be taking the class and will be able to answer all of your questions and guide you through. This class is ideal for beginners and for those who have been dressmaking for a while and would like some help.


We have workshops through the week if you have a project you are working on and need some help or just fancy coming along to sew and socialise.
Tuesday 10:15am- 12:45 -£6.50
               10:15am- 3:30pm - £9.50

Wednesday 10:15am-12:45pm- £6.50

Friday 10:15am-12:45pm -£6.50

Saturday 10:15am- 12:45pm- £6.50
                10:15am- 3:30pm - £9.50

For more information on any of the classes or to book, call us on 01207 565728 or follow the link below.


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