We are a patchwork and quilting supplies shop based in Blackhall Mill (about 8 miles outside Newcastle Upon Tyne). Originally established in August 2005 we provide a wide range of quilting and patchwork related goods and services.

Friday, 18 August 2017

Classes in September


Here is a list of our classes for September.

Friday 1st September 10:15am-2:30pm

Patchwork & Quilting Techniques  £17

In each session you will learn a new technqiue.

Saturday 2nd 10:15am-2:30pm

Guernsey Quilt £10.
Using only a Jelly Roll and a Layer Cake this easy but effective quilt can be achieved. You will learn simple piecing on the machine with very little cutting. Perfect for beginners.

Wednesday 6th 10:15 am- 12:45pm £10.

Getting Ready for Christmas 

It is never too early to start a Christmas project!
Quick simple project ideal for beginners.

Friday 8th 10:15am-2:30pm 

Pleated Pineapple £17
Pleated Patchwork gives dimension to quilting and it was made popular by the Victorians.
In the session we will explore the technique incorporating it into a cushion or you could make more and make a quilt. Cost £17.

Saturday 9th 10:15am-2pm

Broderie Perse £17.

Learn Broderie Perse in this session. Whilst it is french for Persian embroidery it is actually applique.
Take a floral fabric as seen in the photo and create a new design. Simple fun and ideal for beginners.

Friday 15th 10:15 am- 2:30pm 

Hawaiian Appliqué £17
Hawaiian Appliqué & Quilting using the Sewing Machine. Whilst this form of appliqué is traditionally done by hand we will tackle it using the sewing machine. The first part of the session we will look at the appliqué design and its traditions and then we will quilt the block. Ideal for beginners.

Friday 22nd

We have the opportunity for you to go to Beamish to look at some of their quilts. There are three sessions available, 1pm, 1:45pm, 2:30pm (limited spaces) . If you have a Beamish pass it is only £5. If you needed entry to beamish we are making a list for a group pass. 

Saturday 23rd 10:15am-2:30pm

Quilters Grid project £17.

Friday 29th 10:15am-2pm

Free machine quilting 

Try out the different ways of Free Machine Sewing in this class. The Class will show you how to set up your Sewing Machine for Free Machine Sewing and you will make a set of sample blocks that can be incorporated into a Cushion. Cost £10.

Saturday 30th 10:15am-12:45pm

Dressmaking £10

During each session there will be a masterclass on a Dressmaking technique, how to insert zips,
Make pleats, alter a dart, which Fabric is best for the pattern and more.
Then you will be able to work on a project you have selected.

Fancy making a Dress, Skirt or PJ's then we have a selection of patterns and Fabrics that you can choose from and throughout the process get help from our expert Dressmaking teacher.

We also have workshops available 
Tuesday 10:15am-12:45pm £6.50
Tuesday 12:45pm-3pm £6.50
Tuesday 10:15am-3pm £9.50

Wednesday 10:15am-12:45pm £6.50

Friday 10:15am-12:45pm £6.50
Friday 12:45pm-3pm £6.50

Saturday 10:15am-12:45pm £6.50.

For more information on any if our classes or to book call us on 01207 565728 or visit our website via the link below. www.thefatquarters.co.uk/?searchStr=Classes&sub=Go%21

We hope to see you soon! 

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