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Saturday, 25 August 2018

Brother Software Classes


Do you have Brother software but aren't sure where to start? Would you like some help to make the most our of it? We have classes on Friday 26th October to help you.

If you have the PED PLUS or PED PLUS 2 you can come along to our morning session.10:15am-12pm. The class is £10.

If you have the PED 10 you can come along to our afternoon session. 1:15pm-3pm. The class is £10.

If you are interested in Brother software but would like to see how it's works and what it does before you buy then you can book into the class as well. It's the perfect opportunity for you to hear what others think and see what can be done using the software.

For the classes you will need to bring your laptop, software (ready to load or already loaded), dongle and a USB stick.

The classes are ready to book into now over the phone on 01207 565728. They will be available on our website soon.

We hope to see you soon!

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